Hard-Knock Life


I learned hard lessons in life; because I had so much happen. Therefore, the people that I would like to impart my story are my family, relatives, and friends who can’t understand the way of life and what I’m passing through. I’m displaying my writing to keep my life story, for definitely, nothing will remain forever in this world, but memories will remain and be remembered by my loved ones, perhaps they would remember me not to let them cry, as they think of me. Everything in my life is just vain since I lost contact with everyone, but I realized what is important for me is my happiness. My life has no hidden things, and people don’t know what I’m facing. Being unveiled every detail is for you all to understand the way my life is, that you need to figure out. I don’t have a permanent home; that’s the reason I called myself a Global citizen, and my home is all over the world, due to my backpacking. I’m at home when I’m on the road. No family, No friends, and No boyfriend, I own my backpacker, sleeping bag, phone, camera, and my laptop, but the things I’ve ever met in my life are the ones that people couldn’t care less profoundly about at all. And I’m happy with a life I chose to live, I know it sounds silly, but that’s me. I created a life to live on a road; I started travelling in different countries and writing about my feelings. I visited ten countries since I left home in 2013, so I’ll find a way to publish my book I wrote called “The Journey of a Crazy Black Woman.”It like I’m in a dream because from in my teen days, my mind was always yearned for faraway places. I’ve always dreamed of going to places larger than my hometown. Now look where I am, and I don’t worry about most of the things, so nothing matters to me. I no more have the patience for certain things, not because I’ve become selfish, but I chose to live Isolated because there’re some things I can’t explain. In my life, there’s no space for people who want to criticize my journey. I know ladies especially the African black women dream of an excellent steady income, job, kids, and get married, it’s all right for them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my future or money, but I am living my hard-knock life. I know Naive and ignorance people they like to generalise things base to one’s actions if they can take away their clueless mind and involved themselves in an awkward situation that is where they will understand the deepest secret of life. However, if you want to have a universal mind, then you simply have to accept that some people are radically different than yourself when it comes to how they see life and the world. Over the years, I’ve gotten to like this instead of seeing it as something I had to fight against, and it’s not like I’m going to change people by fighting against who doesn’t understand the way of my life. I’m triumphal to backpacking everywhere with individuals who are entirely different from me. I ideally to inspire people, especially those who have difficult time who suffers from Bipolar like me to embrace the world instead of being afraid of it.